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A flight to Bahrain will allow you to discover the “Pearl of the Gulf”, referred to in this way due to its wealth of natural attractions and its rich pearl diving heritage. Learning about the history of the country is an essential component to consider when planning your flight to Bahrain, from the Dilmun era to the modern day.

The Dilmun era sites, such as the burial mounds and the Barbar Temple; the 14th and 15th century Bahrain and Arad Forts; Sheikh Isa bin Ali House, Al Jasrah House and Bahrain Museum all trace the history of the country and provide a glimpse of the past. Bahrain will fascinate you with a blend of eastern and western cultures with high-rise buildings rubbing shoulders with more traditional dwellings. Bahrain mixes ancient traditions and historical sites with modern developments and cosmopolitan living. Bahrain is sure to entertain the whole family, whether you are interested in archaeology (Bahrain has a 5,000-year history) and ecology, or even something as unusual as pearl diving.

There are also other natural attractions to see, such as the miraculous Tree of Life a lone tree standing amid a sea of sand and Jebel Dukhan, Bahrain's highest point. The warm, shallow seas of Bahrain play host to almost every water based activity you could possibly imagine, and on dry land the country is no less impressive. Host to the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix since its inception in 2004, the island comes alive at this time every year with thousands of visitors from overseas The modern face of the country is equally as appealing for visitors. From the moment your flight to Bahrain lands you will be exposed to the many attractions including the magnificent Al Fateh Grand Mosque set against the backdrop of palm trees and sea.

Although Saudi Arabia is just a short flight from Bahrain it is also accessible from the King Fahad Causeway which is a delightful midpoint, connecting Bahrain with neighbouring Saudi Arabia. For those interested in the business sector, there are many world class projects that have changed the face of Bahrain into being known as Business Friendly Bahrain. Projects such as the Bahrain Financial Harbour, Amwaj Islands and Bahrain Bay just to name a few.

Bahrain is also famous for the hospitality and welcoming nature of its people. A quality reflected in the services offered on all Gulf Air flights to Bahrain and flights from Bahrain. Refreshingly unique in the Gulf is the fact that Bahrainis are involved in all tiers of society. Bahrain is strategically located as a gateway to the Middle East and has the added attraction of a safe and pleasant environment, warm climate, together with history, culture, traditions and international events.

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Shopping: Experience the traditional souks where bargaining over the price is a must, and the more modern air-conditioned malls which have a range of well known boutiques, department stores and specialist shops Transport: Local taxis are the way to go, but negotiate a price before starting your journey Cuisine: Excellent range of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world.


Check the online flights schedule and choose the perfect timing for your trip. Find our lowest fare guaranteed on flights to Bahrain and book today! Book your hotel in Bahrain Before you proceed with your flight to Bahrain please be aware of the visa as well as the health requirements in Bahrain. If you have any queries regarding your return flight from Bahrain, you can contact the Gulf Air office in Bahrain or call the Gulf Air Call Centre. Check in information regarding your flight from Bahrain is available from our Bahrain International Airport information section.