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Take a flight to Kuwait; a country originally made famous for all the wrong reasons, Kuwait is now back on track and is attracting tourism like never before. The commercial export of crude oil makes the destination one of the richest in the world on a per capita basis and this has enabled rapid recovery following the war. Kuwait has sovereignty over nine islands in Gulf waters, the largest of which is Bubiyan in the north while only Failaka is inhabited. Some of the others are popular weekend destinations boasting stunning coral reefs and white sands. Your flight to Kuwait will be filled with many attractions such as mosques, souks, museums and heritage areas that are a tribute to bygone Bedouin days, there are also a number of outdoor activities to pursue in Kuwait and the Gulf provides ideal conditions for various water sports, including water-skiing, sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving. A highlight of any flight to Kuwait is a visit to the National Museum containing some of the most important collections of Islamic art in the world. Bedouin arts and crafts can also be found near the National Museum. One of Kuwait's most impressive landmarks is the Grand Mosque, located opposite the Emir's Palace, which was opened in 1986. Construction of the mosque took nearly seven years and is reputed to have cost US$ 46 million. Due to their size and prominence in Kuwait City, the Kuwait Towers, consisting of three sky-scraping buildings, are the country's most conspicuous landmarks and a must see on any flight to Kuwait. The highest of the three towers houses a rotating viewing sphere, a restaurant and a coffee shop. The home of Kuwait's main archaeological site, Failaka Island, will soon be opening up to an ambitious multi-billion dollar investment project aimed at transforming it into a state-of-the-art tourist attraction. Failaka lies 20 kilometres east of Kuwait City Your travel to Kuwait can hold many other attractions; including ice-skating rinks and an entertainment city, which is the country's answer to Disneyland. Entertainment City is located 19 kilometres north of Kuwait City and provides more than 40 rides, games and shows with three different themes: Arab World, International World and Future World.



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Shopping: Upmarket shopping malls provide the perfect environment in which to browse. Apparently shopping in the souks is excellent value as well Transport: Taxis are widely available Cuisine: The best restaurants are located in the hotels (alcohol is forbidden in Kuwait)


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