Kuala Lumpur Details:

Kuala Lumpur is an exciting and vibrant city at the heart of Malaysia. It is the largest in the country and also the capital, made up of a mixture of stunning skyscrapers and historical colonial pieces.

Bustling and prosperous it has great rhythm with continually developing areas of activity. The top experiences are numerous including amazing restaurants, high class shopping malls, botanical gardens, incredible architecture and a great transport system to get you around. An iconic showpiece to see is the Petronas Twin Towers, which are 88 floors high and also have a viewing platform walkway between the two, halfway up. There is also a theme park in the city and a throbbing nightlife. So, a complete range of attractions are on offer to meet the desires of just about all potential visitors.

On a business level, Kuala Lumpur is recognised as one of the most competitive economies in the world and also very diversified. It has a high productivity rate and the standard of living is at a good level, especially as costs, such as tax, for those that reside there on a full-time basis are relatively low in lots of areas

Flights frequency
Electricity 240 v
Time Zone
MYT (UTC +8)
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Things To Do

There are many exciting and appealing things to do in a city as diverse and amazing as Kuala Lumpur. Most tastes can be catered for, whether they are contemporary, traditional or adventurous.

The Petronas Towers are probably one of the most striking development to visit anywhere around the world. They are twin towers and are the highest of this type, in any country. A big attraction is the walkway that connects the towers halfway up. The views are incredible and well worth checking out. Another great viewing platform is the Kuala Lumpur Tower which has a fantastic creative look and amazing vision. A big additional site to see is the Sri Mahamariamman Temple. It is a Hindu building which features vibrant colours and delightful statues across its front. It has an in-depth history which can be studied in full.

Other big things to add to your consideration list include a great range of restaurants and eateries, the Sunway Lagoon theme park, museums, shopping markets and malls and the striking railway station. In fact, the list is almost endless.


An essentially safe city where you can set your own agenda and view areas that are significant to you. There is an excellent transport system, including a modern and colourful monorail which is easy to use and makes your exploration even pleasanter.

There are a large number of activities to consider and city areas to visit. This includes everything from eye catching architecture, both old and new, to parks, a zoo, shops, restaurants and a theme park. It is always warm although make sure your exploration takes into account that it can be wet at times too.

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