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Munich is a magnificent, stately city, based in Southern Germany. It is the capital of Bavaria and the third largest city in the country. It has a strong history with lots of reference, evidence and amazing architecture that helps to highlight different periods. It is situated on the banks of the River Isar, which provides enticing winding shoreline offering different activities to partake in, such as fishing, rafting, boating and simple sunbathing. The river is fed from the Alps which provide a formidable enticing background to the city. Munich is recognised as a global centre, which means it has a vast range of visitors who want to examine it in depth. It is also a high-level centre for business and is respected throughout the world for its business activities.

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Electricity 230 v
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GMT +1
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The main tourist activity is the Oktoberfest Beer Festival which runs throughout October each year. It is run-on purpose-built sites that house traditional beer halls and brass musical entertainment. Visitors are drawn from around the globe, so it makes the city dynamic and busy. The city is also great for exploring with amazingly retained striking architecture. About 50% of it was destroyed in the second world war but great effort was put into restoring it back to an inspiring level, which is reflected in the level of interest.

Munich is situated on the banks of the River Isar and benefits from a winding shoreline, providing water sports, boating, fishing, strolling and simple sunbathing. Watch out for nudists who have been present since the 1960’s due to Bavarian expressionism!

Close to Munich on the River Isar is the Eisbach man made part which runs directly through the Englischer Garten Park. It is a great setting for surfers who have a permanent wave at the south of the park and also a great location for biking, swimming and strolling. It is particularly appealing in warm weather when it hosts picnicking, BBQs and relaxed people


This highly vibrant, green city is known for its many areas to explore.  This includes beautiful parks, distinctive museums, glorious palaces and striking buildings. The landmark, spectacular buildings to explore in the old town include Frauenkirche church, Neues Rathaus town hall and Theatinerkirche church.

For the more adventurous it is also worth considering the Alps which are 1.5 hours away by train. Beautiful to visit in both summer and Winter.

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