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Nice is a beautiful city situated in the enchanting and extravagant French Riviera, on the glorious Mediterranean coast. It is only 13km from the principality of Monaco and reflects the wealth and luxurious style that resides there. Style and perfection are recurring features of the Riviera. Nice offers amazing culture, great food and a wealth of sun and good feeling.

One of the main features in Nice is the Promenade Des Anglais, so called after the 19th century English gentry that flocked to the city, especially during the cold English winter. It majestically curves around the bay and is a pure delight to stroll around as palms gaze down upon you and pergolas allow you somewhere to sit and relax.

The most visited part of the city is the old town which is steeped in history with a fantastic aura and many delightful areas to explore and discover. It has narrow streets that really emphasise Mediterranean life, placing it fully in focus for you to admire and enjoy.

A great range of top hotels and a tempting plethora of restaurants are on offer throughout this marvellous metropolis. There is also much to see and do in a setting that captivates and embraces.

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Nice is a major tourist destination and this highly influences the range of attractions on offer. The city has a plethora of cafes dotting the streets, always bustling and vibrant. People are normally sitting outside to take in the atmosphere and view everything on show.

One of the main attractions is the Promenade Des Anglais, so named because of English gentry that started flocking there in the 19th century. It follows the curve of the magnificent bay and is a delight to walk on as you take everything in and relax.

There is also amazing architecture, along with museums that deeply delve into the art and culture that emanates from the historical, beautiful surroundings. A number of colourful, striking festivals that secure large participation, run throughout the year. Not to be forgotten is a compelling nightlife that is envied throughout Europe.


There is much to explore and enjoy in this glittering delight of a destination. This includes the enchanting narrow streets of the old town along with grand parks, cafes and restaurants and a large number of museums and historical sites.

Specific examples of what to explore are the Castle of Nice, which is a hilltop park and garden providing panoramic views; Cours Saleya, a bustling market; The Palais Lascaris, a musical instrument museum with an amazing interior; or the 17th century Nice Cathedral, bell tower and all.

There are other intriguing things nearby to visit including the Principality of Monaco which is only 13km away. This luxury haven has many upmarket things to examine including a glorious harbour full of extravagant yachts.

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