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With bountiful beaches, magnificent hills, breathtaking backwaters and a culture as mesmerising as its countryside, Kerala is, for many people, a dreamlike holiday destination. With an enchanting landscape comprised of lush forests, cascading waterfalls and fascinating wildlife to spot during your travels, Kerala truly has everything a nature-lover could need. That's not all Kerala has to offer, however. Book flights to Kerala with Gulf Air and you'll be well on your way to discovering a warm and friendly new culture.

Exhibiting a diversity of nuances that make the people of Kerala stand out, from the moment you step off your flight you'll be able to experience Kerala and its inhabitants at their finest. Explore what Kerala has to offer on your trip A state based on a fantastical mythological story, Kerala has its roots steeped deeply in a past that enjoys as many fables as it does actuality. Immerse yourself in the legendary tale of Kerala creation which claims Kerala was brought into existence through a mythological murder, revival and renouncement of violence, involving the ocean itself receding so far that new land - Kerala - was created.

And if mythology doesn't pique your interest, Kerala's genuine historical intrigues are just as mesmerising and await discovery in Kerala museums. Alternatively, you can explore the gorgeous cities, such as Kerala capital Thiruvananthapuram which teems with a bubbling culture of exciting people, delicious local cuisine and a diverse religious background that sees Kerala embracing all styles. Whether you're considering flights to Kerala to explore a welcoming, engaging new way of life or you want to discover breathtaking scenery that combines humid rainforests with dynamic mountains, you'll find all you want from a holiday in Kerala.

Choose your flights to Kerala in August and you'll arrive just in time for the incredible Kerala festival Onam, celebrating the return of the mythical King Mahabali. Visit Kerala during this period and you can make the most of the opportunity to experience Kerala's vibrant arts, music and dance culture firsthand.




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Electricity 240 v
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+5.5 GMT
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Shopping: As well as modern shops, be sure to visit the bazaars for a truly exciting shopping experience. Transport: Taxis are recommended for visitors. Cuisine: You'll find all types of cuisine in Kerala but nothing beats the local fare - from simple rice dishes to fiery curries, there's something to suit all palates.


Kerala truly shines as a holiday destination offering millions of tourists the chance to experience an amazing culture within gorgeous settings. Book your flights to Kerala with Gulf Air and enjoy seeing Kerala for yourself. Simply ensure you comply with Kerala visa regulations, as well as the health requirements in Kerala, and book your flights today.

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