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Human remains MUST have confirmed reservations for all sectors of travel prior to acceptance, including carriage on other airlines.


  • Human remains MUST be packed in a coffin, either lead or zinc lined and hermetically sealed ( air-tight). The coffin should be packed either in an outer wooden case and/or covered by canvas or tarpaulin so that the nature of the contents is not visible.
  • All human remains shipments MUST be accompanied by a certificate of death issued by a competent authority. This may be retained by one of the deceased family members, if they are travelling on the same flight.
  • No-objection certificate (NOC) destination station embassy for transportation of dead body.
  • Embalming certificate.
  • Certificate for packing of coffin (the body must be wrapped into two bags of thick and transparent polythene, one from head end and other from foot end before packing into the coffin).
  • Specific country requirements for other importation documentation are shown in TACT section 7.3 although it is the shipper’s responsibility to provide all documentation, all assistance should be offered. Embassies or Consulates are able to assist with specific details of documentation.
  • The airway bill should be annotated in the handling information box if documents are attached. Human remains are surcharged as detailed in TACT Section 3.7. All shipments MUST be prepaid.
  • The special cargo column of the cargo manifest should be endorsed "HUM".

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