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We are now proud members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) allowing us to expand our specialised cargo services to pet owners globally.  All live animals on Gulf Air travel as cargo. An online air waybill tracking service is provided for your peace of mind, so you know where your precious pets are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


When your pets fly with Gulf Air, they no longer have to endure the six month quarantine period in the EU when shipped directly from Bahrain, provided they have already been vaccinated against rabies and have been micro-chipped.


The acceptance of live animal consignments is subject to the conditions as described in IATA's Live Animals Regulations and to Gulf Air regulations. The conditions applicable to acceptance of live animals are as follows:


  • Health and condition of animals: Animals in a consignment must not show any sign of illness. The carriage of animals in an advanced state of pregnancy is generally prohibited.
  • Carrier: Carrier must be clean, leak-proof and escape-proof to allow safe handling during carriage. A special "Live Animals" label shall be affixed with the handling instructions completed.
  • Food and additional articles: Additional articles accompanying the shipment must be included in the chargeable weight and if being shipped as separate pieces, marked as forming part of the shipment.
  • Reservations: Confirmation must be obtained and received of reserved space on flights and possible connecting flight(s) of other airlines up to the airport of destination.
  •  Consolidation: Live animals may not be consolidated with other goods but a consolidated shipment may be wholly comprised of live animals.
  •  Documents: Import permit, Health documents, Shipper's Certification for Live Animals are generally required for every shipment of live animals.
  •  Live Animals on Gulf Air will only be accepted as Cargo under master airway bill.


A live animal shipment at a lower standard than those described in the IATA Live Animals Regulations is not acceptable.


For further details, please contact your local Gulf Air Cargo office

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