• Why can’t I book online for other destinations that Gulf Air flies to?

    Gulf Air is in the process of implementing this service.

  • Where does Gulf Air Cargo offer nonstop services?

    Gulf Air has many nonstop flights worldwide and adds nonstop routes whenever there is industry demand and it is viable to do so. More information is available on our Schedule page.

  • Do you offer an Airport to Door service?

    Yes, we offer airport to door services currently to all points in the Philippines and we are in process of adding more countries.

  • Can I ship my excess baggage or other personal effects by Gulf Air?

    Yes, unaccompanied baggage (personal effects shipped as cargo) is accepted for carriage at reduced rates when the passenger holds any airline ticket for travel between the same airports. For more details please refer to TACT Rules, Section 3.7, Class Rates.

    Unaccompanied baggage at reduced rates shall consist of only personal wearing apparel and personal articles of a passenger (including portable musical instruments, portable typewriters and portable sports equipment, but excluding Restricted Articles, Machinery, Spare Parts, Money, Jewellery, Watches, Cameras, Important Documents, Liquors, Perfumes and articles of household furnishing, merchandise and salesman samples).

  • What are the procedures for shipping pets?

    Gulf Air can provide this service. Please contact Gulf Air’s local cargo sales agent in your country for more details and arrangements.
    All live animals on Gulf Air travel as cargo and as Gulf Air has always gone that little bit further for its customers, an online air waybill tracking service is provided for your peace of mind, so you know where your precious cargo is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Mourad
    And when your pets fly with Gulf Air, they no longer have to endure the six month quarantine period in the U.K., when shipped from Bahrain on non-stop services to London, provided they have already been vaccinated against rabies and micro-chipped.
    For further details, please contact your local Gulf Air Cargo office.

  • Is my shipment insured? If so, how much insurance is included?

    There is a special insurance arrangement for your valuable or any other high valued shipment, where customers pay a small amount as insurance. Please contact the local Gulf Air office for more details.

  • Can Gulf Air transport Human Remains and other Special Cargo?

    Yes, Gulf Air can transport all kinds of special commodities including Human Remains, coffins and Human Ashes.

  • Can Gulf Air transport perishable cargo like fish, fruits & vegetables?

    Yes, Gulf is professional in transportation of these items with special arrangements with Handling Agents round the world to provide storage facilities at the required temperatures.

    Gulf Air services the growth markets of the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe by providing special handling for perishable cargo such as fresh meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables and flowers. This is achieved through new freezer and cool room facilities to ensure perishable consignments are handled and delivered to customers in excellent condition.

  • Can Gulf Air accept carriage of courier shipments under Cargo Air Consignment Notes (CACN)?

    The unaccompanied courier service has been implemented to provide customers such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, Aramex and TNT with effective services to ensure easy and fast customs clearance at the destination and therefore quick delivery to the end customer.
    The service offers priority uplift and confirmed allocation on the required flight. Courier bags or units can be moved as cargo or as excess baggage. Couriers are handled on a priority basis, being the last material to be loaded and the first to be offloaded at the final destination


  • What about large shipment like Automobiles?

    Automobiles are accepted for transportation on wide-body aircraft. The vehicles must be accompanied by a "Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods" and a vehicle inspection form must be completed by the station of origin and destination, ensuring the car is in good condition throughout the journey.

  • Can Gulf Air accept Dangerous Goods?

    We have teams of highly qualified licensed staff specially trained in the acceptance, loading and handling procedures of dangerous goods so we can move your cargo safely and efficiently.

  • Can Gulf Air provide Trucking services?

    Gulf Air provides extensive trucking services within the U.A.E., Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and European destinations. New services have been introduced to link the Kingdom of Bahrain to Dammam in Saudi Arabia, as well as from Muscat, Oman to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. All the benefits of scheduled service reliability, flexibility and frequency are yours whenever you ship with Gulf Air Cargo.

  • Can Gulf Air transport Valuable & Vulnerable cargo?

    We have an impressive history safeguarding your valuable goods such as bank notes, gold, jewellery and diamonds, which are all treated with the greatest of care. These consignments are kept in a maximum security locker and safeguarded at all times.

  • Can Gulf Air transport Express freight?

    Gulf Air was the first airline in the Middle East to offer an express airfreight service. And, because we consistently offer the fastest and most reliable express service, we are 
    the acknowledged leaders in express freight to the Middle East. We know there are times when you have urgent shipments that you need forwarded on a priority basis. That's why we've introduced an expedited cargo product that offers a delivery and pick up time of just 90 minutes.
    The Gulf Air Express freight service offers:
    Priority uplift and confirmed allocation
    Pre-alert telex when goods are ready for collection
    And for extra peace of mind, our state-of-the-art online tracking service keeps rack of your delivery every step of the way
    Time defined products are offered at a premium charge of +50% of normal market rate or +25% of the market rate, depending on the urgency.
    With three hubs and the largest network in the Middle East, we are ideally placed to take your consignments anywhere.